Eco Schools

Achaleven is proud to be an Eco School, achieving our sixth flag in June 2016 and have just submitted our application to renew this award. 

One of the topics we are passionate about is recycling.  We have looked closely at where our paper comes from and how important it is to recycle paper in school.  We now try to recycle or reuse our paper and are happy to draw on the back of printed sheets as we are very aware of the importance of trees to our world. We also have a Rag Bag container at the school where your donated textiles can raise money for the school and Empties Please box for Printer Cartridges for recycling.

We have recently adopted a section of the beach in Connel near the Oyster Inn with the help of Marine Conservation Society and the Grab Trust.  We have done several beach cleans and take pride in keeping our village tidy.  When we have analysed the items found on the beach we've learned the importance of reducing our plastic use as well as recycling.  It's terrible the amount of plastic that is getting washed into the sea with devastating results for local marine life.

We hold Eco-Group meetings every week and take part in many campaigns such as Waste Week and Energy Month to increase our knowledge and understanding of these vitally important matters.

We also participate in the Fairtrade Schools scheme and are delighted to have received our Fair Achiever Award in June 2016.  We are learning about the Sustainable Development goals and have held events to raise funds and awareness for Mary's Meals as part of Goal 2 which is Zero Hunger. We offer fairtrade tea/coffee at our events.